Seat Cushion With 3 Levels Cooling and 2 Levels Heating SL26A8 Cool and Heating Pad for Car, Truck, Home, and Office




Many people suffer from lower/upper back injuries in today’s society, and driving can take a real toll on your back when driving long distances.

I am a real example of this, and I use this exact same cushion every single day.  I have a Nerve Disease that affects all of the nerves in my legs, and my upper and lower back and hips.  I way to help with injuries such as this, is to use hot and cold compressions.  This is when you apply heat on the area needed for a certain period of time, and then you apply cold to your injury.  This process is called flushing, and it’s a process or treatment that I maintain on a daily basis.  The heat brings more blood-flow to the injured/sore area, and the cold numbs the area, while keeping the swelling down.

My cushion is used while I’m driving, because I only have heated seats in my car, so I am lacking the cold part for my injury. The Seat Cushion with 3 Levels of Cooling, and 2 Levels of Heating, is the SL26A8 Cooling and Heating Pad for the Car, the Truck, the Home, and even at your Office.  I literally use this cushion wherever and whenever I need to sit for longer periods of time.

I really love that it has different levels and cooling and heating, so I (or Yourself) can control the heating or cooling level, so it does not get too hot or too cold!  It is a great cushion for allowing people, such as myself, to sit or drive for longer periods, while the cushion is helping with the pain.

Another great thing about the Cushion, is someone can purchase it if he or she does not have any air conditioning in his or her car.  It can be dreadful on very hot and humid days, even when driving short distances; therefore, setting the cushion to the lowest cooling level, can really help while driving in intense heat.  What if you have a small house or an apartment that does not have air conditioning. Well, you can bring the cushion anywhere you want, and that place can be in front of the Television watching the game, while the cushion is keeping you cool at the same time.



The following are some of the features listed by the Product’s Manufacturer:

  • Cool and dry in the Summer. Cool Function as ventilation and moisture management for your body; while providing optimum comfort and driving.
  • Special Ventilation layer and Cooling layer, which battles the heat with breathable quick dry 3D Mesh, so you are always cool and dry.
  • Warm in the Winter. Dual Zone Rapid Heating, with soothing Heat Therapy on the back and seat brings a warm feeling in the winter.
  • It is Equipped with an Overheat Protection Device, which maintains a stable temperature.
  • Special two-layer design. Ventilation layer and Cooling layer.
  • Special design solves the problem that normal venting systems can be blocked by the human body, compared to a normal cushion that does not effectively eliminate hot sticky seats.
  • 3D breathable mesh;  which is a revolutionary new concept of 3D Spacer fabric
  • It’s upper and lower sides are mesh, and the middle is the unique X90 structure made of polyester, giving it the outstanding support, force, and ventilation functions.
  • Universal fit; Special design not only for a 12 Voltage car, but also for 24 Voltage Truck, Boat, or Bus. Car and Home adapter are included, making it portable for home, and office use too.

I think that this is an overall excellent product; especially because I actually own one of these myself!  I hope you liked this information, and the scenarios, and facts where adequate to your needs and/or desires.  Thank-YOU!


Author:  Lance Lee




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