Save Your Car’s Paint – A Deflector is the ANSWER!

Save Your Car’s Paint – A Deflector is the ANSWER!

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Price of Product: $104.40CDN + FREE SHIPPING!

The Auto Vent Shade 20055 SMOKE Car Deflector is a great product, been given great reviews, a squeak under a 5-Star Rating, and it fits most cars on the road.

I am not sure about you, but I drive a really expensive and nice Sports Car, that took me quite a while to save up and pay cash for!  NO LIE, the very FIRST aftermarket part that I bought was a Deflector!

There’s nothing worse than enjoying a nice drive down the highway, and a big bang goes off your hood from the stones being dislodged from the truck’s tires ahead of you!  Body work on new cars, ESPECIALLY new cars is NOT CHEAP; therefore, a small aftermarket, and a cost-effective one, can save stone chips being made on the front of your car!

Second scenario, you are driving down the same highway, and a huge bug hits the hood of your car, and then gets squished onto your windshield!  So you spend the next few minutes wasting all of your windshield washer fluid, with your wipers on, trying to clean a squished bug off of your window; NOT FUN!!!

Now that I have talked about some scenarios that could end up costing you money at some point; now I am going to get right into the Windshield/Bug Deflector’s Product Details:

  • The item is a custom-molded hood shield, and is precision-engineered to fit your hood perfectly
  • As mentioned above, this product effectively protects your vehicle’s hood from the following: windshield and fenders from rocks and road debris
  • This deflector lower profile deflector provides an extra protection from mud, sand, and dust; as well as rocks and other road debris
  • It is very reliable, and constructed from a durable impact-modified acrylic material in a dark smoke finish – making your car look beautiful while protecting it at the same time!
  • This Deflector is Proudly made in the USA, and it is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

This is the bug deflector that I have on my car right now.  It fit like a glove, and the installation was not too hard, but I would strongly recommend going to an Automotive Shop or Custom Automotive Shop for the installation. This is because is has to be perfectly centered, and you are drilling a few holes in the hood of your car; so if you are NOT experienced, please take it to an Auto Shop that is experienced.  You can also take it to your Dealership, as they’ve likely installed hundreds, maybe even thousands, depending on how long they have been in business!  Leave this kind of work to the pros.

NOTE: A FINAL THOUGHT –  My Step-Father was an Autobody Certified Worker for approximately 40yrs!  He’s now retired, but growing up, I noticed that whenever he purchased a new vehicle, the first item that he would install was a Deflector!  He always advised me to do the same thing, because he sees stone chips on hoods of cars, windshields, and also the roofs of cars!

You can save your car’s hood, windshield, and roof with an inexpensive Auto Vent Shade 20055 SMOKE DEFLECTOR.  With newer cars coming from the factory with new and interesting paint selections, it is starting to cost a lot more money to have any Autobody Work done on your vehicle.  This is because of the cost of the paint. Believe it or not, some of the colours are a mixture of several dozens of colours, and the job of the Paint Technician is the use a Special Computer Program to match the paint, from a tiny paint chip taken from an unseen spot on your vehicle.

JUST A THOUGHT:  Inexpensive Aftermarket Deflector, or VERY Expensive Autobody and Paint Technician work???

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