Choose Your Brake Pads Wisely – It Could Save Your Life!



After performing some personal research for my Website, which is based on Aftermarket Vehicle Parts; I decided to write about the importance of choosing the proper and safest Brake Pads for your vehicle. This should never be done by anyone who is not certified to properly change/install your Brake Pads, and/or  Brake Lines due to improper fluid bleeding; therefore, always contact a dealer or Certified Auto Mechanic to answer any of your question regarding the safest/correct pads for your given vehicle.

As vehicles are getting faster, Trucks/SUVs/Motorcycles/Vans/Cars can no longer depend on their factory Brake Pads for a 100% safety; especially when Drivers are modifying their vehicles to increase the horsepower and torque.  Factory Brake Pads will start to diminish quickly, and increase the heat in which the brakes produce, which could cause a fire, as the disks get RED HOT!  A Factory (OEM) part just won’t cut it when it comes to modifications, and/or just important safety reasons.

I drive a VERY fast car, that is actually classified as a Race Car in Canada where I reside; because the Law States “That any car that has over 6 Gears (mine has 8 Gears), automatically has to be classified as a higher risk race car”.  Thankfully I have an impeccable Insurance Rating, so my insurance only went up a few bucks per month.  After finding this out, and testing the Car’s capabilities, I knew right away that the Factory (OEM) Brake Pads just were not going to cut it!  So I searched online, performed my own research first; this was only to get a better understanding of which Pads were the best for my vehicle. Then I took my car to a Brake Specialist to get the opinion of a Licensed Mechanic who specializes in the installation of Brake Pads on almost all vehicle models.

After some research I was able to find a Website that performed a review on the 10 Best Brake Pads, and why they were rated at the spot out of the 10 Best?


According to a recent study published by a reputable website (listed above), EBC Brake Pads were put in the winning position for the following reasons:

  • EBC was designed mainly for the usage or installation on Sport Compacts, and/or Imported Sedans.  These Brake Pads standup well to pretty much any normal everyday street conditions while driving.  This is very important, because you want your Brake Pads to be able to hold up on the conditions of the roads themselves, and the amount of stop and start traffic in big Cities or rush hour traffic!

These Brake Pads were designed to lesson the vibration, while making for a more comfortable and safer drive and/or commute. EBC Pads are also designed to allow the vehicle to come to a quieter stop, and they produce a much lower level of Brake Dust than your average OEM Brake Pads would produce.  For this reason, they work very well with nice shiny rims; because less Brake Dust equals less cleaning and polishing of tire rims. EBC Pads are a great way to keep that Sporty Car looking great for a longer period of time. The Brake Dust produced, is approximately 30% less than your OEM Brake Pads.  They’re very easy to install, and they were designed with a special break-in surface coating, so they start working very well for your vehicle right from the installation.


  • EBC also makes a Red Stuff Brake Pad; it’s geared towards more of the Sports Car, Your Weekend Cruising Muscle Car, or your Exotics who wish to speed all out along certain highways in the World in which the speed limit isn’t a factor.  It’s been designed to meet the needs of a very high performance car that’s being driven on the streets, and studies have shown that these EBC Red Stuff Pads can reduce your vehicles stopping range by up to 42 feet, and to me, that’s very impressive!  Just like the EBC Green Stuff Pads, these also produce less dust, and a unique middle slot on the surface of the pad, can help lesson the heat, causing less friction, whiling still keeping the pads rather cool, temperature-wise.


  • If you would like to upgrade your factory (OEM) Brake Pads, these would be a great addition to your vehicle’s safety.  These HAWK HPS Brake Pads were designed to be stronger, while lasting much longer than your average OEM or Factory Brake Pads.  They are made from a special carbon composite that can reduce friction, which in turn, reduces heat, and allows for more stopping ability. They also designed to lesson the Brake Pad fading, along with any rotor wear.  These pads are a great choice for a vehicle that uses rotors, and like the others; they’ve been designed to lesson your brake dust, and they fit your vehicle just as nicely as your original factory OEM Brake Pads.

  • If you decide to go with Hawk’s Performance Ceramic Brake Pads, you’ll notice that they have a greater level of stopping ability.  Your vehicle’s rims will be cleaner, as these pads produce little brake dust which can cover your vehicles rims, and can be quite tedious to clean!  They’ve been coated with a ceramic material that allows for ultra gripping power to your rotors, which in turn, allows for a VERY quick and firm stopping ability.  They provide for quiet braking, and they’re very easy to install!

  • The EBC Yellow Stuff Brake Pad was designed for vehicles that need the best of the best when you need a very strong stopping ability.  This brake pad would be great for a Muscle Car, High-Powered Import, a big Towing Truck or Rig, and/or even a Race Car.  These Brake Pads work in the worst of conditions, and they work evenly when your rotors are hot and/or cold!  That is safety at it’s best when it comes to a pad designed for a powerful stop, but still maintaining it’s quiet noise level in the stopping process!  The performance is excellent!


  • If you are just shopping for a quality Brake Pad that provides low brake dust, performance, and lasts longer than your OEM factory brake pads; the Posi Quiet Ceramic Brake Pads are the obvious choice.  They are of high quality ceramic, and there are no issues with installations, they provide for better stopping power, and they are known to minimize dust cleaning, have a quicker break-in process, and lastly, provide for a nice a quiet stop in your vehicle.

  • Like all Hawk Brake Pads, they allow for less brake dust, less wear and tear, more stopping power, and they are designed to last longer than the average OEM Factory Braking Pads.  These pads provide a huge amount of stopping power; therefore, they’re best used for vehicles such as: big trucks, Sport Utility Vehicles; especially vehicles that are towing trailers behind it! Lastly, EASY TO INSTALL!


  • This type of brake pad is one that you would certainly feel comfortable choosing if you’re heading to the cottage in your truck or Sport Utility Vehicle, while towing your boat and trailer behind you!  These are advanced in engineering and can only be purchased for your front braking systems.  The excellent gripping power, the lower dust levels, the advanced cooling features to prevent overheating and/or cracking, and the quiet performance are just a few of the GREAT reasons to purchase this type of pad if you require this type of hardcore braking ability!


  • Like the others that have been reviewed above, these pads also perform great, and they are coated with a compound that provides for 2 important factors: consistency when performing, and an even wear of the pad; therefore making it last a lot longer than your standard OEM braking pad.  Again, StopTech also makes less dust; therefore, keeping your shiny rims clean. They’re easy to install, just like the rest of the pads reviewed above, they don’t produce any added noise or squealing, and they also have an excellent break-in time period!


  • This Hawk HP Super Duty Brake Pad is the KING when it comes to your RIG’S braking power.  As we all know in the Aftermarket Industry, OEM parts are just not geared for performance in any way possible.  This is the PAD OF CHOICE when you are facing heavy load towing, or you are using slotted/drilled rotors.  This Brake Pad would and is considered one of the best designed pads when it comes to hauling and high-performance together!  Again, these pads produce little brake dust, and they are easily installed just like the original factory pads it came with!

Thank-You; I hope you enjoyed the review!



Don’t forget to leave any comments in the section below, and your questions and/or comments will be answered within a reasonable time.

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2 thoughts on “Choose Your Brake Pads Wisely – It Could Save Your Life!”

  1. Jim Kulk says:

    Wow. I had no idea there were so many brake pad varieties available. I’m not usually a car person, having had very little experience in working on cars. I usually leave this task to my mechanic. However, I found your site both interesting and informative. If there’s one issue I have it’s that it was difficult for me to concentrate on the words with the back ground picture constantly moving. At times it seemed to blur my view. Having said this it could be because I have poor vision. Other then that one minor problem the site was certainly well set out. Thanks Jim

    1. Lance Lee says:

      Thank-you for the comment Jim. Your vision is NOT wrong, and since then, I’ve changed the background, and the font colour. I hope that this is a better change for your liking. Any feedback is great feedback to me! Thank-you for taking the time to comment Jim.
      Many Thanks,

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