BMW Rear Trunk Spoiler – Excellent Addition or NOT?

 JC Sportline Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler Wing 

This Spoiler fits the following BMW Models:  

  • BMW 4 series F83 M4 F33 428i 430i 435i 440i Convertible 2014-2017

This Carbon Fibre choice for the BMW 4 Series is a great choice. It is a subtle look, but still manages to give the car the something extra introduced into the package!


Carbon Fibre in a VERY strong material, and it is as light as a feather. Another great feature of Carbon Fibre, is that is always stays cool, even when the engine is extremely hot.  Therefore, you won’t have any trouble opening your trunk after a day out with the ladies.


The price isn’t too bad; it is the material that you’re paying for.


I have a severe injury to both of my knees; therefore I have to wear custom knee braces when needed.  I told the Orthopedic Brace Specialist that I would not wear a brace on the outside of my pants!  Therefore, he had two braced made from casting my legs, and the mold and designs were shipped to British Columbia, Canada, to be fabricated from Carbon Fibre.


This was because it was extremely light, but could take a beating too, as the material is very strong.  So I am able to hide the braces under my clothing, and it’s been a LIFE-SAVER!


So, adding this unique CARBON FIBRE TRUNK SPOILER is great in my opinion, as it makes the car look very sleek, and the unique look and feel of the carbon fibre, gives the car a little bit of an edge as well!  It will do all this without having to adding hardly any weight to the rear of the vehicle.


PRODUCT NAME:  The JCSPORTLINE Carbon Fibre Rear Spoiler Wing for the BMW 4 Series Models.


PRICE OF PRODUCT:  $243.25CND  +  Free Shipping


Here are the Following Specification for the REAR SPOILER WING:


  • Fitment: For BMW 4 series F83 M4 F33 428i 430i 435i 440i Convertible 2-door 2014 2015 2016 2017


  • Package : including 1 pc rear boot lip spoiler, self adhesive tape.


  • Made of high quality and light weight carbon fiber material, Improve the trunk exterior appearance of the vehicle and give it a nice sporty look.


  • This rear spoiler can make the vehicle look like a more performance car, it adds more down force and helps aerodynamic,dramatically improve styling & appearance.


  • Delivery : This rear spoiler will be shipped by EMS, normally it can be arrived in the United States during 5-9 business days.

This is a sleek feature to add to your BMW 4 Series. Again, it is light weight, while improving the downforce on the vehicle while driving.  It helps to keep the car tight to the payment, allowing the air to flow differently (in a positive manner that is!)  This is called the amount of “Downforce” the vehicle has, and some people will even argue that it provides for better gas mileage, due to less wind pulling on the car.  Theoretically, it sounds like the great the downforce, the greater the gas mileage you may have?  This could be from having less drag on the vehicle while it is driving.


I hope that you enjoyed this review. It’s funny how a small subtle object can make that much of a different, when you are purchasing aftermarket parts for your vehicle of choice.  In this case it was the BMW 4 Series.  Would you agree?  I think that it adds a little something special to your car, that’s subtle, but people will definitely still recognize your BMW’s NEW REAR CARBON FIBRE SPOILER!!!!


Please feel free to leave and question and/or comments in the sections below, and I will be happy to reply as soon as possible!


Thank-you in Advance!

Author:  Lance Lee













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