Better Gas Mileage Products and Tips – Here They Are Folks!

Better Gas Mileage Products and Tips – Here They Are Folks!

As today’s ever-increasing gas prices keep growing, it’s a great idea to know that there is always tips and tricks available for you, no matter what vehicle you may be driving!

I myself drive a lot for a living, and I drive numerous types of vehicles, so I am always searching for better gas mileage products; well here are some products and tips that may help you out drastically with this ever increasing issue in today’s society!  Believe it or not, these two VERY SIMPLE tips can widen your wallet when it comes to filling up your vehicle’s gas tank.

Method #1 – Making Sure That Your Tires Are Inflated Accordingly

Most of us usually rely on our vehicle’s maintenance schedules to look after tire inflation, when in fact, this is a very common and easy mistake that people in today’s society overlook; when this is a very simple process or tip to better your vehicle’s gas mileage.

For those of you that don’t rely on your mechanic or dealership; it is a great idea to purchase a tire pressure gauge (an example in the above left pictorial).  If you don’t know a lot about vehicle maintenance, even finding the proper tire pressure might even be a mystery to you.

If you look above, (in the right pictorial) you will see that all the information about adding the correct amount of air into your tires is actually located on the tire itself. You can also locate this in your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual, if it’s a new vehicle that has the original factory recommended tires still on the vehicle; otherwise it’s best to know how to read it on the tire itself. This information is often found on a permanent sticker just on the inside of your door frame too. So this important information can be found in numerous places.


Most of us drivers top our tires up at our local gas stations, but the gas stations don’t always have a tire pressure gauge to present with the proper air pressure being put into your tires. You might not even know what tires need topping up in the first place; therefore, using a CHEAP and VERY effective tire pressure gauge can save you a lot of MONEY in the long run!  This is because your vehicle will run a lot harder, and push the engine much faster to compensate for the loss or lack of tire pressure that is recommended for your given tire.

Driver’s, be aware of your tire pressure at all times. This pressure can be compromised by the humidity, the freezing cold winters, the road conditions themselves, E.g. Potholes, Construction Zones, Speed Limits, and this is just to name a few. So, go and order your desired tire pressure gauge, locate your recommended PSI (located on your tires), and check your tire pressure as often as you can!

TIP: Even when one of your tires, and/or all of them are only down by 1 PSI (or Pounds Per Square Inch), it can cost you more in Gas Mileage. This may be very important if you’re a commuter or just someone who does a fair bit of driving. Although some vehicles such as my own personal vehicle, have a sensor that turns on a dash light when the tire pressure is 2PSI or lower; But this does not apply to every vehicle, so I’d recommend becoming familiarized with using a tire pressure gauge, and maybe the creation of your own tire pressure scheduling system. This can be as simple as setting an alarm to go off at the end of every Week or Month, using the Alarm Clock in your Cellphones.

Average Tune Up List

Another very simple task that will not empty your wallet is simply to go by your manufacturer’s maintenance checklist. This is often located in the back portion of you Owner’s Manual. If you don’t have an Owner’s Manual, as a lot of used vehicle are simply just missing them, as they’re not a needed part of the sale. I would recommend looking your vehicle up on the Manufacturer’s Website to see if you can download a PDF, but you can also purchase the very same manual/tune-up list online at an Aftermarket Vehicle Site, as they tend to be much cheaper in price, and identical, material-wise. If you simply go by this checklist recommended by your manufacturer (example pictorial above), this can also save you a lot of gas mileage. A car is comparable to ourselves; if we don’t look after ourselves we will can develop costly health issues, especially if you live in place without a Healthcare Policy/Coverage.  It’s the same with any of your vehicles; if you don’t look after them, they will develop issues that will in turn, create costly repairs, while making your engine having to compensate for these issues, making your vehicle run poorly. THIS INCLUDES POOR GAS MILEAGE!

Here you go folks, two VERY easy, and COST EFFECTIVE ways to increase the gas mileage, and this is only the tip of the iceberg!

Visit: to learn more!

Please feel free to leave a comment below, and I will be happy to answer any of your questions in a timely manner.  Thank-you for visiting my site, and I hope that you’ve learned a little bit of knowledge, when it comes to the importance of Tire Pressure and Vehicle Tune-ups/Maintenance, with regards to decreasing the fuel consumption in your vehicle.

Author:  Lance Lee


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2 thoughts on “Better Gas Mileage Products and Tips – Here They Are Folks!”

  1. catherine says:

    Good morning Lance!
    I am so cheap, and I am always looking for new ways to save money. At the moment I am stuck driving a big truck, and because of this I avoid driving it whenever possible. Keeping the air in my tires is definitely something I will take into more consideration when I do drive it. I love your site. Is there away that you can lighten the colours in the background picture; that way the text on the front page and sidebars would be easier to read. Thank you for posting.

    1. Lance Lee says:

      Good Morning Catherine!
      I just wanted to take the time and thank-you for leaving a comment on my site. I am always looking for the cheaper ways myself, and through research; I’ve found that it’s always the smallest things that can make the biggest differences! As for my site; thank-you for the recommendations! I had been playing around with it, but I’ve now got a background that isn’t too hard on the eyes, you can see the side-bars now, and it brought my website up to Position:1 & 2 on page 1, with regards to my personal niche. Thank-you again for your comment; it was great input, and it brought some more clarity, with regards to the visual aspect that I was looking for, and of course for the Public’s viewing too!

      Take Care Catherine!

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