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In today’s society, things have really changed when it comes to making your vehicle represent yourself sort-a-speak. Think process is called “Vehicle Customization”, and the number one way to accomplish this amazing dream, is through Aftermarket Auto Parts. These are widely used from different Manufacturers around the world. I myself live in Canada, and that’s why you see Canada in my title; but you can find these parts for any vehicle type basically anywhere. When purchasing these parts, you’ll save money, but in a lot of times, you’ll increase the value of your vehicle if you decide to sell it at some point in time. As mentioned about, you can customize anything using aftermarket auto parts; whether it be for a car, truck, van, SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), and motorcycles too! A variety of parts to make your automobile, whatever it is that you need the parts for, will allow you to make your vehicle/automobile your own dream, and/or your own art canvass.

Buying a Car vs. Building Your Dream Car

In today’s society, people want to make their vehicle standout from others, making it their piece of art that stands out from others. It is something that can turn heads as your cruise down the road. You can make new friends by entering an aftermarket vehicle club with other art pieces to enjoy looking at, and conversing with the vehicle Owners. The following list is just a touch on the world of ideas that can come from adding aftermarket parts that are designed for your car/automobile/vehicle.

  • The sky is the limit! You can have your car wrapped nowadays, instead of paying thousands of dollars for a custom paint job. You work with the designer, and come up with a concept, and then the vinyl wrap is constructed, and your car is wrapped! It looks exactly like a paint job, and you can do this with the rims and/or hubcaps on your vehicle for a much cheaper price, so it won’t break your bank account. Times are tough these days, so car/vehicle modifications can still be accomplished in the “Aftermarket World of Auto Parts”. Go ahead and design your dream vehicle, and then try researching aftermarket options to make that dream of yours come true!
  • A lot of our younger generation, can’t afford to purchase a brand new car and/or the vehicle of their dreams. So they become almost like an inventor or an artist. What I mean, is they buy a used vehicle in which they can afford, and the take that vehicle to their garage, or often in their high school auto shop, and they start designed a concept using a computer, and one that they can afford to design by researching, what’s called “aftermarket vehicle options”. These options I’m talking about are available for almost every car or vehicle out there, no matter the type, the year, the condition, etc; and this is the first step in recognizing your dream!
  • Once you’ve designed your concept for your vehicle, you can decide or prioritize the steps in which you would like to accomplish first. Usually this is done by switching out small manufacturer parts for exotic parts purchased from an aftermarket source that is most often found online.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when is comes to design, fabrication, and/or installation; making your dreams come true. Also, making that art canvass ready to be put on display, or ready to test its functionality!

Factory Truck vs. Heavy Duty Work Vehicle or Show Vehicle

The next topic I’d like to discuss is buying a brand new truck, or buying a solid used truck, and again, create it into your art canvass; your very own design. This can be done for many reasons. These reasons are as follows, but I will mention that there are simply to many options to point out! The following are some options when thinking about the specific needs of your concept truck.

  • Bigger tires and rims if you are into truck shows, or you just simply want to stand out from the other trucks driving by you on the roads. If you are an Aftermarket Parts Installer; this would be a great way to advertise your business.
  • New engine parts to make your truck go faster, or you simply need more towing power, for boats/trailers, transporting any large items, which can be very heavy. Installing a better and stronger suspension than the factory offers, you can tow these heavy items without worry!
  • Another big aftermarket purchase for trucks is exhaust enhancements. This would likely be geared towards a younger demographic, because they want people to hear them coming, and get recognition for what they have done to their truck, or as mentioned above, their very own aftermarket “Art Canvass”.
  • The last option that I will discuss is safety. When someone purchases a brand new factory truck, it doesn’t have things like: roll bars, custom seats with upgraded seat belts, and sometimes they do not have fog lights, or covers for the back truck bed. If you are using your truck for work purposes, such as construction; you might want an organized in the truck bed, or even a substantial parts holder design case, bigger and stronger braking systems when towing heavyweight, etc(***Note: ALWAYS look at the towing weight limitations of the vehicle FIRST!!).

So far, these are just a small bit of options when it comes to aftermarket of non-aftermarket factory trucks. Really though, it comes down to the preference of the Owner’s taste and needs for the truck.

A Regular Van vs. A Comfortable Van for Commuting Reasons

If you do your research; you will see that almost every major company in Canada and the United States, and really all over the world have a commuting program. I’ve seen people being driven to work on the floor of a Cargo Van, or they are so dirty, you ruin your clothes just by commuting to/from work.

One major upgrade that you can purchase through an aftermarket website, like “”, is seating options. You can purchase an empty used van, buy 3 rows of seats that fit anywhere from 3-4 people per row, and you will have a total change of attitude and positive work ethic, just by allowing the workers to travel to work in comfort! Instead of throwing your empty coffee cups and food wrappers on the floor, aftermarket garbage dispensers built right into the back of the seats can be installed, along with cup holders for all! You also might want your company’s logo on the van, but you can’t afford the cost of the paint. As mentioned earlier in this post, a much cheaper way of accomplishing this task is to have your vehicle/van wrapped with vinyl, and it’s much cheaper in most cases then someone would charge to paint it on the van.

Lastly, one important thing that’s not always great, even when purchasing a brand new van, is the stereo system. The goal here is to have everyone in the vehicle hear the music at the same level in every area of the van. An aftermarket stereo system that’s not from the factory is much cheaper, therefore, cost-efficient, and your commuters will show a lot more positive energy at the early hours of the morning, or after a long work day during the drive/commute home.

The goal here; “Happy Workers, Produce Competent Work Production!”

Sport Utility Vehicle – Building One That Can Actually Go Offroad

One of the most common misconceptions of a Sport Utility Vehicle or SUV, is that they aren’t actually meant to do the off-roading as the Television Commercials will lead you to believe! I know this firsthand, as I had a brand new SUV, and I decided to do some VERY light off-roading, very slowing, and I ended up breaking, the entire front suspension, along with the low-gear 4-wheel drive! So, I would STRONGLY recommend upgrading your gearing, tires, wheels, and suspension before you decide to do any off-roading. If your off-roading consists of going through any shallow water and/or mud, you might also purchase an aftermarket exhaust system that’s designed to keep water and mud from entering into the exhaust system, and into the engine. You should also research you transmission’s ability to drive in these conditions too! You want a transmission that has the proper gearing to steer away from a VERY costly breakdown. As mentioned earlier in this article, this website (listed above) can STEER you in the right direction, when it comes to quality, even allstar SUV aftermarket parts.

Motorcycle Aftermarket – Designing Your Dream Bike!

First, I’m going to tell you a little about myself, because it directly relates to this topic/heading. I started out as a young child racing dirt bikes, and continued to do so until I was into my teens. When you’re racing, the commentators can’t always see your number, but they often get to know you by the unique look of your bike! Buying aftermarket plastics, chairs, helmets, gear, seats, tires, rims; these are all things that you can find at a cheap price if you go the aftermarket route for dirt bikes.

The same thing applies to Street Bikes, whether they’re Sport Bikes, Cruisers, Harley’s, Scooters, Tricycles (CanAm Spyder Models), etc. The following is just a few things that can be purchased cheaply through an Online Aftermarket Motorcyle Company:

  • Inverted Forks
  • Radial Mount Brakes
  • Vortex Triple Clamp
  • Carbon Fibre Aftermarket Parts
  • Bubble Windshield
  • Fully Adjustable Levers and various aftermarket vehicle hand grips
  • K and N Filter
  • Power Commanders
  • Corbin Seat and other styles of aftermarket seats
  • Frame Sliders
  • Undertail to get rid of the ugly mudflap fender from the factory
  • Integrated front and rear signals
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Chains and Sprockets
  • Steering Stabilizers

So, as you can see, the aftermarket parts world is a huge industry. You can research, and/or purchase these products through my site:


At, our goal is to provide you with the best options for purchasing great vehicle aftermarket parts in a more cost effective way. Whether you are looking for Car, Truck, Van, SUV, and/or Motorcycle Parts; You have come to the right place to get the best bang for your buck, and quality parts (aftermarket) at a reasonably low price. Do your research, make your vehicle your canvas; because you are building a piece of art, and that piece of art is a representation of your personality, and your dreams!



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