Welcome to Allstar Aftermarket Vehicle Parts. This Site was created to help ANYONE turn his/her vehicle into his/her own concept. Ultimately, your design is all your own, and you want to show it off to the WORLD!

Here at ALLSTAR AFTERMARKET VEHICLE PARTS, I’ll be directing you to some of the best, and of course, reasonably priced aftermarket vehicle parts. This is whether you have the need for regular vehicle parts that are just too expensive from your dealership, or if you would like to make your vehicle a piece of art, designed by YOU!!!


My name is Lance from Ontario Canada. I worked for a large School Board for 17yrs as a Technology Instructor, but recently retired at the age of 42, due to a pretty severe knee injury. I’ve had this injury for 19yrs, but insisted that I would work through several operations & severe pain, & did so for the entire 17yrs. Unfortunately, my Specialist said it was time to do something less physical.

I had a long thought about the direct that I wanted to go in my life, and that was online. This was because I could still utilize my Advanced Technology Instructor Skills, Project Management, Communication & Time Management Skills to succeed down another path, which is the path of our World Wide Web. I’m definitely a people person who makes new friends almost daily, leaving a smile on many of their faces!

I’m an individual who now has a pretty significant disability; therefore I needed to change something BIG, and that was the comfort of my vehicle!

Even now that I’ve become disabled, I still have a love for Sports Cars. Unfortunately, as we all know, Sports Cars are extremely low to the ground. I found myself having to fall into my car, while having to roll myself out of it! This was not a comfortable process. I spoke to several dealerships, but there wasn’t a lot of help offered, and that was simply due to the company lacking any product(s) which could make things easier for me.

I decided to look in the Aftermarket Parts World online, and found hundreds of options to help! After some Aftermarket Vehicle Parts research, able to find and purchase an aftermarket bucket seat that sat higher, while looking very sporty still. Now I’m able to get in/out of my Sports Car with ease!


As mentioned above, Aftermarket Vehicle Parts can help you with comfort, looks, height, width, speed, safety, and as for myself; I needed something to help me to easily get in/out of my Sports Car with ease! Not having literally fall in, and roll out.

This was just NOT okay for me; so I explored the World of Aftermarket Vehicle Parts to help with my disability.

I want to make your life easier when it comes to searching, and purchasing quality Aftermarket Vehicle Parts, which can help every group of demographics in my opinion, and I AM LIVING PROOF!!

I have received all of my Website, Content, Advertisement Techniques, and so much more from Wealthy Affiliate!  I have made my very own Website that I have NEVER done before, and I want to help you to have your own SUCCESSFUL ONLINE BUSINESS TOO!!


My vision is to provide my Customers with access to the best AFTERMARKET VEHICLE PARTS offered by the best companies. I want you to have a more cost-friendly way of enhancing your vehicles looks, or simply by having the opportunity and access to regular vehicle parts at a lower price with A LOT more variety!

My VISION is to allow you to understand that your vehicle can be your own ART CANVAS, allowing you to have control over the overall design and/or aesthetics of your vehicle.

Lastly, I want to help make your journey into the Aftermarket Parts World, as good as it was for me, and don’t forget, ALMOST ALWAYS AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE!!!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

I’d Like to Thank-You in Advance for Using My Website ,


3 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. Jar says:

    very slick website …a little hard read when scrolling specially white text ….sorry 4 shorty review …I’m tired

    1. Lance Lee says:

      Thank-you for the kind words. I wish I could’ve replied a little sooner, but I have already fixed the text, and completely changed my background. I was playing with the background and text colour for some time now, but it’s a tough theme when it comes to clarity! I think that it’s come a long way since your last viewing, and it’s a little easier on the eyes! I appreciate any comment; any comment is a good comment to me! Thank-You!

      Take Care, All the Best!

    2. Lance Lee says:

      Hi Jar, Thank-you for leaving a comment on my site. It was likely a month or so back, but I have totally changed my site. There is no white lettering anymore, and there is a different picture. It’s still a work in progress though.

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