2x USB Charger with Automatic Car Locator – Locate Your Car Quickly and Safely!

Nonda ZUS Smart Car Locator & USB Car Charger, 24W 4.8A, 2 Ports – Black 


PRODUCT NAME:  Nonda ZUS Smart Car Locator & USB Car Charger, 24W 4.8A, 2 Ports – Black 



Have you ever been working late, and you get on the elevator of the parking garage which you had parked in;  and you quickly realize it’s going to be very dark, and you aren’t even sure where you parked in the first place?


A lot of people get stuck in these scary positions, and you need to be able to get into your vehicle quickly; especially at night time.  Here is a product with 2 great features:


  • You can press the locator button for an immediate alarm to go off, letting you know exactly where your car is.  So this product is great for SAFETY and just great for finding your vehicle in those busy parking lots as well.


  • The Next great feature of this product is that it can plug into your car’s power source, and it has a USB Port on either side, for charging your devices when on the road, or even a camping trip/road trip.

Nonda ZUS Smart Car Locator & USB Car Charger, 24W 4.8A, 2 Ports – Black 


  • Best USB car charger: max 4.8A output, fully charges 2 iPad in 3 hours


  • Smart car finder: download the free iOS/android app to locate your car in crowded parking lots


  • German design: sophisticated European design that breathes class


  • Top quality: us military mil-std-810g grade, German Bayer pc + titanium


  • 2X lifespan: lasts twice as long as a normal USB car charger

As you can see;  this product is German Built, and from Military Grade Titanium.  It is been designed to last twice as long as the lifetime of it’s competitors, and it has two VERY great features.  You can get to your vehicle more quickly on those nights that you find yourself alone in a dark parking lot or parking garage, and you can not remember where you parked your car.  Having a device that will notify you of where your vehicle is with the push of a button is a great safety feature.  The last reason why this product was one that I picked to review, is that is has two very quick USB ports that can actually charge two full-sized iPads in approximately 3 hours!  NOW THAT’S IMPRESSIVE IF YOU WANT MY OPINION.


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Thank-You in Advance

Author:  Lance Lee


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