Month: June 2018

Child Safety – Recaro Sports Car Booster Seats

DRAFTED: 2018-06-28 Child Safety – Recaro Sports Car Booster Seats   Author: Lance G Lee The following information was gathered from: I drive a very fast Sports Car, that doesn’t have a lot of room in the back seat. My Partner’s Son is 7yrs old, and I find myself often picking him up to/from […]


Most car tires fall into three main types: All-season – These are usually tires which are designed to have long tread life in warm conditions This is a perfect example for a great All-season Tire: Product: Goodyear Assurance All-Season Tire Radial Example Size: 205/55R16 91H Found at: Price:  $142CDN each Purchase By Clicking the […]

Better Gas Mileage Products and Tips – Here They Are Folks!

Better Gas Mileage Products and Tips – Here They Are Folks! As today’s ever-increasing gas prices keep growing, it’s a great idea to know that there is always tips and tricks available for you, no matter what vehicle you may be driving! I myself drive a lot for a living, and I drive numerous types […]

Cheap Aftermarket Truck and Sport Utility (SUV) Parts

Making and/or Building Your Very Own Concept or Dream Truck and/or Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) Using Aftermarket Parts – The Cheap and Still a Safe Way to Go!  In today’s society a lot of individuals do not want their vehicles to look exactly the same as others.  I know myself, that I can not stand […]

Aftermarket Auto Parts Canada

In today’s society, things have really changed when it comes to making your vehicle represent yourself sort-a-speak. Think process is called “Vehicle Customization”, and the number one way to accomplish this amazing dream, is through Aftermarket Auto Parts. These are widely used from different Manufacturers around the world. I myself live in Canada, and that’s […]


Welcome to Allstar Aftermarket Vehicle Parts. This Site was created to help ANYONE turn his/her vehicle into his/her own concept. Ultimately, your design is all your own, and you want to show it off to the WORLD! Here at ALLSTAR AFTERMARKET VEHICLE PARTS, I’ll be directing you to some of the best, and of course, […]

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